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文章标题:幸运的弹球(A Lucky Bounce)文章时间:2019-05-27(2019-07-06修改)
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幸运的弹球(A Lucky Bounce)

       I watched the Kawhi Leonard’s shot bounce in. It defied physics.

       If you don’t know what I mean, go find a clip on YouTube. The ball was short. It hit the rim at such an angle, the ball bounced straight up into the air, crossing the circular net towards the other side. It bounced on the inside of the rim, straight up again. Then it proceeded to tortuously dribble around the red circle, eventually dripping into the twine.

       I screamed. That ball had no right to going in. If Kawhi shot the ball a hundred more times, I doubt he would produce any result remotely close.

       For those of you who do not follow sports, then in a quick recap, Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors hit the game-winner in a do-or-die game against the Sixers of Philadelphia, my home team. Swallowing the defeat was as hard as swallowing a basketball. Currently, Toronto stands one game away from the NBA Finals, locked in the Eastern Conference Finals with the Milwaukee Bucks. If they manage to pull off a win, it would soothe my pain greatly as it shows the Sixers are not far away from pushing over the hump.

       It would also greatly anger me. We might have gone to the finals if not for a very, VERY sharp rim bounce. Unfortunately, at least one of the core Sixer’s players will probably leave for another team, which may be a critical setback.

       However, this post is not to continue to rub salt among Philadelphia natives. It’s more to point out the spectacular emotions that roll through people’s hearts. Imagine: a bunch of grown men bouncing a spherical orange leather ball, getting paid millions of dollars. One would think this to be silly, but when simplified down to the basics, all sports sound stupid.

       Human entertainment often applies to one of the five senses. We listen to music, taste and smell great food, look at art… Where do sports lie? Again, let me dig out some history knowledge from APUSH. During the late 20th century and the dawn of desk jobs, sports grew in popularity due to the need for “manly” activities (you know, because it’s uncivilized to hold stabbing matches now but we pay to see two people punch the snot out of each other). The idea that sports fueled masculinity does hold true: modern popular American sports revolve around men.

       In ancient Roman civilization, the gladiator games at the Colosseum provided entertainment for the public, but also for a way to suppress riots. The leaders of the empires wanted to keep the populous entertained to avoid outcry. However, in modern society, people aren’t impeaching presidents because the NBA or NFL players go on strike. It still fascinates me, though, to see an entire city cry for a week over a bounce, both Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears (Double Doink) alike.

       Referring back to the power of sports, I really do not have an answer. Perhaps people enjoy supporting their native city or country, but that does not explain the shifting bandwagon fans or casual-going Joe. It also does not explain the burning hatred for Kawhi Leonard I now have, or the loathing hatred for fall-away jump shots from the right baseline.

       Another comparison of sports I’ve heard is that sports are just a man’s drama. I don’t disagree, apart from the growing women fan population, as there are parallels in many dramas and sports news. For crying out loud, when Lebron James became a free agent, the amount of gossip around the country was insane. Perhaps sports, like any good drama, is just there for the imagination, a method of competition like a show that intrigues people. I’ve gotten quite off topic and this answer most certainly is not satisfying, but I’m no professional in this. I’m just a kid who is still pained by that defining moment.

       Regardless of my emotions, the other 99% of Americans and more watched a fantastic series between the Sixers and Raptors. Finishing this post up, the Raptors actually have beaten the Bucks and moved on to face the Golden State Warriors… who will absolutely send the Raptors back to extinction. Have fun, because I will enjoy watching the greatest team of all time crush Kawhi’s annoying jumpshot.













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