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文章标题:我们并无例外(We're Not Special)发表日期:2019-04-19(2019-04-27修改)
作  者:儿歌(英)―红霞(译)出处:原创浏览396次,读者评论1条论坛回复0条
我们并无例外(We're Not Special)

        Recently I’ve been diving into politics. Obviously if there’s ever a time to get interested, the Trump administration is as good an opportunity as any. While everyone is going ballistic over the allegations and frantic scramble between parties, I look back using my APUSH knowledge and say to myself… 

        … nothing has changed.

        The presidency has never been dealt anything as horrifying as Nixon’s Watergate. Oddly, at the time of writing this, the Mueller Report recently opened the doors of the White House, and I have no interest in reading over 300 pages of legal, political, wordy jargon. Once in a while, an amusing section of 8th period history is set aside for recent events and the connections with past examples. Trump’s actions of forcing his Attorney General to resign matched Nixon’s pressure on his attorneys. 

        While the Mueller Report essentially clears Trump, tampering with the presidency is nothing new. The Corrupt Bargain (1824) was the first largely known tamper directly affiliated with the presidency, and it’s made itself into textbooks nationwide. Nixon’s election showed the effects of international action. Promising to end the war, Nixon prolonged Vietnam through secret meetings with South Vietnam to continue the fight until he won the presidency.

        Neither of these examples are extremely similar to Trump’s current predicament, but it’s not the circumstances that matter. Over the course of time, each new age of Americans provides a new sense of exceptionalism, and with good reason. A new generation brings higher education, shifting culture, and a great change in mindset. Yet, the exact same issues appear: inflation, over speculation, job displacement.

        Even with a precedent, accurate predictions of the future are hard to come by. Regardless, it’s the basic idea of specialty per generation that consistently gives me headaches. If an omnipotent being were to look at Americans today, it would see a society of many races, but one still struggling with racial issues. Every generation leading up to the present has the notion of being “the one” to end racism, and while we have taken amazing steps from slavery, the new generation faces new problems. Another example can be said about poverty, and, for crying out loud, Lyndon B. Johnson campaigned on this very issue (a large part of his presidency was waging a “war on poverty”)! Yet poverty rates and unemployment seem to be back on the news every year, with scary statistics and reporters crying wolf.

        Modern America wants to be that special age; currently, we state that we are the pioneers of technology and the future. True enough, our advances in previous years are amazing (most label the last decade as the 4th Industrial Revolution), but there were always times of great technological change. With every tech boom in the past, people lost jobs, but new jobs were formed off of these advances.

        I suppose all I want to prove in this thing called an article is that nothing is new. America isn’t in unprecedented waters; someone just spilled food coloring and now the water’s green.








        现代美国想要转入那个貌似特殊的时代;眼下我们声称自己是技术与未来的先驱。没错,前几年我们的确进步卓著 (大多数人将过去十年比作第四次工业革命),但重大技术变革时有发生。过去每一次科技繁荣,人们解雇下岗丢掉饭碗,好在新兴产业结构得以应运而生。


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