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文章标题:高中二年级(10th Grade of HS)发表日期:2019-07-06(2019-07-13修改)
作  者:儿歌(英)―红霞(译)出处:原创浏览179次,读者评论0条论坛回复0条
高中二年级(10th Grade of HS)

        If there was ever a moment of divine intervention, the past two years must’ve included some sort of magical editing. Freshman and sophomore year in my high school felt as if someone copied and pasted the same algorithm into two time slots of my life. That isn’t such a bad thing either.

        Ever watch a large wave stroll in on the beach? It starts small but eventually becomes substantially larger than the other waves to distinguish itself. While in the water, you see the wave approaching, and in anticipation one normally braces him or herself. Well, due to the carbon copy of 9th and 10th grade, I probably should have embraced myself. Luckily, I found some motivation to hold my breath before the wave came, but it wasn’t before some salt water rinsed my eyes.

        I’ve mentioned the third marking period flood that consistently drowns my grades. Well, I watched the wave come… and essentially had it slap me in the face. Instead of math, the damage was equally displaced around all my classes. Providentially, I’d built up quite a buffer in the first half of the year that helped mitigate the problems. 

        Well, my grades this year were basically the same as the last, which is a large reason why I thought these two years felt identical. However, within myself, the years differed.

        Freshman year felt like a nursery. Not because I was spoon-fed, but because I was a baby, not talkative or social. Throughout my sophomore year in high school, that definitely changed. I talked in class, got close with teachers. Some enjoyed my presence and voice, others… less. In English, I enjoyed pushing the teacher’s buttons. She was retiring, imperatively trying to enjoy the last few moments with her students. Therefore, she was not about to get angry over some talkative child. At times, she even dropped her professional demeanor, and if I were retiring after a thirty-year career, I would have as much fun in my parting year as I could. That is, whenever I felt awake.

        Speaking of napping, sophomore year involved a bit more effort than freshman year, as I did not have a lunch. Therefore, I drank energy drinks to power me through the year, which I felt were completely useless overall. The usage of Red Bull probably correlates to the increased frequency of late nights doing homework. For that, I can thank AP US History and AP Calculus.

        Retirement is a pretty big deal. It appears that I was also a big enough deal to force three of my teachers to retire. Sarcasm aside, it was just a coincidence. While it was tough to see them leave, a slight issue I’m having is the number of teachers needed for recommendation letters. I was fairly certain that those teachers enjoyed my words of wisdom (or terrible puns) in class, but each one of them over the last few months dropped the “I’m retiring” speech on stunned ears.

        In conclusion, sophomore year was exactly like freshman year. I felt a character growth, fueled by Red Bull, and a stronger connection with teachers. Other than that, I can fairly say that high school will have much more in store. Otherwise, high school would be quite the monotonous ride. Now we wouldn’t want that, would we?










英文写作班(English Writing Class 06/02/2019)

英文写作班(English Writing Class 06/02/2019)

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