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文章标题:浅评美国女职篮争议(The WNBA Controversy)发表日期:2019-06-21(2019-07-01修改)
作  者:儿歌(英)―红霞(译)出处:原创浏览166次,读者评论1条论坛回复0条
浅评美国女职篮争议(The WNBA Controversy)

        To what point has humanity crumbled. Recently, I read about complaints of Father’s Day being “offensive” to single moms and working women. While somewhat laughable, this apparently is a strong viewpoint in society. The same drastic feministic ideas that keep me up at night staring into the darkness, thinking.

        Now, keep in mind, this is only an opinion of mine. Thus, I may say things rather opinionated and differing from popular view. I will also disclaim that I have no credentials or support for my claims other than a background in AP US History and common sense, which actually is a powerful tool. So believe what you want, but these are my thoughts.

        I’m quite invested in the sports world, if you couldn’t tell. Just a month ago, there wasn’t a single more hated person in my life than Kawhi Leonard (or maybe the person who set the rim up before the game). Therefore, it’s nearly impossible to see the desperate push by some people for equal pay in the WNBA, the women’s basketball league. An outrageously representative stat is that the maximum a woman can be paid is an eighth of an NBA minimum contract. From an uneducated point of view, that seems terrible and unbelievably sexist. Unfortunately, many people who use this evidence to support un-equal opportunity in America between genders do not see the full picture. 

        It’s fair to say that the pay is skewed, no doubt about that. But a basic sense of rationality is the phrase “you get what you pay.” In the WNBA, the average lowest ticket price is around $17. Compared to the NBA’s estimate $78 average, the difference is extremely evident. Yet uncoincidentally, WNBA games receive far less attendance, media coverage, TV sponsors; thus, to no surprise, the league loses about a million dollars a year. So what is this show? Well, the WNBA is just isn’t as good a product as the NBA. To all those people who point fingers at the basketball world, claiming the business to be unfair, it is not unfair. In fact, the differences are rather just. Those who watch basketball prefer to watch men’s basketball, as they produce a superior product. Nothing against female basketball players. Undoubtedly, even bench warmers could mop the floor against me. However, to see some female players asking for salaries comparable to Lebron James is absurd. The reason Lebron James reels in hundreds of millions of dollars from contracts is because he is a walking product that the masses enjoy watching, a diamond that franchises wish to possess. Say the current reigning MVP, Elena Delle Donne, a player that I had to look up, was given Lebron James’ contract, would that make whatever team she played for gain revenue? Would it incentivize me to watch? No, not in to a degree NBA players do. Look at other sports where women participate: tennis, soccer, track, and many more. All have the common theme that they are out-paid by men. If women create a better product than their male league counterparts, then by all means they should receive higher salaries. Until they do, sports should and will continue rewarding the more entertaining of the genders.

        The interpretation of the WNBA to prove disparities between genders is misused. Instead of pointing to the yellow rock and calling it gold, dig a little deeper to find that it’s just coal dipped in mustard. Of course, I can’t say the same for other faucets of life; I simply understand sports to a better extent than other topics. As it currently stands, the NBA funds the WNBA, as the female league is unable to support itself. Would it be nice for female basketball players to be paid equal? Absolutely, but it would also cost the NBA a lot of money and resources that will not be returned. While many still try to think positive and ideally, I personally cannot see the change occurring, not until women find ways to dunk harder, shoot better, dribble faster, pass quicker, rebound stronger, and produce a more entertain game. 

        That’s all this is: a game for the masses. Thus, it should be judged as such, basing salary off entertainment. It just is not possible for females to match male skill, a sad reality that people should accept.








(10th Graders — Freshman in Summer Break 06/26/2019)

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毗陵居士 去毗陵居士家留言留言于2019-07-07 08:58:22(第1条)
Agree, though my 18 year old daughter (college freshman) may have trouble with your views here. Most young women her age are probably “feminists” (believing in radical gender equality) by the standards of my generation
With that said, he thinks NBA players behave like lawyers while WNBA counterparts appear to be artists.
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