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文章标题:高一暑假生活──惜别会(Farewell Party)发表日期:2018-08-04(2018-10-22修改)
作  者:儿歌(英)―红霞(译)出处:原创浏览342次,读者评论0条论坛回复0条
高一暑假生活──惜别会(Farewell Party)

        I still remember walking into that summer camp without any hopes of having fun. A dreary, rainy day, not an inkling of sunlight to be seen. Then, I picked up a yo-yo. I can’t say I was impressed, or interested in having a long-term contract with the yo-yo culture, but what totally convinced me to join the yet-to-be-formed club was the people. 

        It’s a sad day for all, although I can’t say it wasn’t fun. A master of his craft (if spinning yo-yo’s was a craft), an intriguing teacher (with too many ideas), and a good friend was leaving… for college. Not that bad, I know. But in the small world of high school, college really does seem like an entirely different universe. One with terrible ideals like jobs and chores and what not. However, with all seriousness, Eric Lang, for as “long” (“Lang” and “long” sound similar in English) as I could remember, was always a nice person to converse with, usually tossing your brain around with philosophy or different ways to spin a yo-yo. He’s patient enough to bear ten little kids nagging him at once, so I can confidently say he’s one of my more patient friends. 

        Today was a dedicated day for goodbyes, but we ended up on the Xbox all day. I mean, it was bound to happen. While the plan was to leave before dinner, I’m not the type to go on schedule, so the meet-up lasted far into the night. Really, no one really talked about the club. I just feel like there were too many bad memories. From embarrassing mistakes on stage to deadly four-foot midgets wielding yo-yos like maces, there is so much to forget. And perhaps that’s what bonded the club’s older members together. Experiences like that remind us all that Eric wasn’t as much a teacher, but more of just a guy putting an exotic talent to use. And that he was taking in a whole lot of pain while exercising this talent. He shared his ability with us, and now his time to share has come to a close. Regardless, I do think some of us didn’t really care as much about learning new tricks near the end of last school year. Besides, everyone knew that this club wasn’t going to be the same without Eric at the core, so I think we tried to preserve what little time we had left. That essentially meant chatting while letting the students torment anyone sitting on the first floor lobby. And we weren’t going to care, considering we had to deal with them for three years.

        The current events were just to put aside our normal pains, and enjoy each other’s company for once in a while. That meant Monopoly, which we invested quite a bit of time into.

        Now I can’t really imagine what next year’s club is going to be like, considering the skill gap between all possible teachers and students might have dwindled down to a sliver. It was only until a weeks ago that I learned one of the other elder students decided to receive the mantle of responsibility from Eric, a mantle that also carried much pain and suffering and embarrassment. While I may not be in the club anymore (thank goodness), there still are somethings that I’ll miss, like Eric chasing down a bunch of the third graders. Will it outweigh the pain of practicing with the little kids? It’s pretty close.







玩“大富翁”游戏(Play Monopoly 08/04/2018)

共进午餐(Lunch together 08/04/2018)

外婆与姥姥(Grandmas 08/04/2018)

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