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文章标题:出游意大利──威尼斯玻璃岛、彩色岛和教堂岛(Murano, Burano and Torcello in Venice, Italy)发表日期:2018-07-08(2018-08-03修改)
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出游意大利──威尼斯玻璃岛、彩色岛和教堂岛(Murano, Burano and Torcello in Venice, Italy)

        And we're off. Off for the glorious land of Europe, where dreams of castles and kings, myth and legend, culture and overpriced water come true. It's ironic that the first city of interest was Venice, a place where water is an abundant resource. I've seen movies, shows, and books that so much more focus on the unique aspects of Venice and its crazy waterways, the rising water, and boats. Especially boats. I can almost guarantee the next James Bond, Mission Impossible, or whatever twisted-maniac-trying-to-destroy-the-world type film will feature a section of boat chasing through the waterways in Venice. It's not because it's easy to film, but the areas around the city are so iconic. 

        As soon as I entered the city via a water taxi, I had quite a disappointment about the numerous amounts of arches, while spectacle at first, looked identical to the other hundred arches in the city. And to completely honest, I wasn't impressed with many. On the contrary, the most impressive aspect of the city was the color. I don't think I've ever seen a city as vibrant in real life as Venice. It isn’t as if the city had a specific theme. No, I think the city had a very specific theme, and that was to go crazy with paint. I doubt you will find any two buildings side by side with the same color. As you will witness, the colors are extremely bright as well, not many shades of brick red or brown or black for that matter. The best way to describe it is a little kid using the Fill tool on Paint, randomly selecting colors to fill in the buildings on streets. This provided the exact fun needed to keep my interest, especially after a sleepless eight hour flight. 

        Another point I want to make on Venice is the transportation. The main mode of public transportation was by boat, which makes sense. A number of privately owned boats swam around canals, some water taxis and bus, but the most prominent ones were for tourist or public transportation. These ships, although ugly and bulky, are a form of entertainment themselves. For one, you can watch the crazy colors fly by, perhaps also get a little sick. You can also lounge on the open deck and feel the wind nearly push you overboard. The choice is yours. 

        This mode of transportation has got to be the best method I've ever seen. While it might not be efficient, cheap, or comfortable, it serves its purpose and does it in style. It does provide well to hop you island to island, but grows ridiculously hot if you sit in the sun for too long. 

        I am spending three more days in Venice before entering a two week romantic cruise across Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Ligurian Sea, and Mediterranean Sea. What a Surprise. This allows for more in depth exploration as so far one of my favorite cities on earth. I am looking forward to the upcoming days. The water is still expensive though.







(Venice and its Lagoon of the UNESCO Heritage Sites)

从飞机上鸟瞰威尼斯(Aerial View of Venice)

(Venice Marco Polo Airport Taxi Transfers & Shuttle Srv 07/08/2018)

(Water Taxi Route from VCE to Venice 07/08/2018)

大运河(Grand Canal 07/08/2018)

赤足桥(Ponte degli Scalzi/Bridge of the Barefoot  07/08/2018)

(Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal 07/08/2018)

玻璃岛·灯塔(Lighthouse in Murano 07/08/2018)

(Rio dei Vetrai in Murano 07/08/2018)

(Mazzuccato Glass & Mirror Shop in Murano 07/08/2018)

(San Michele in Isola over the Lagoon Viewed from Murano 07/08/2018)

彩色岛·纽芬兰区(Terranova Sestiere in Burano 07/08/2018)

(Parrocchia San Martino Vescovo in Burano 07/08/2018)

教堂岛·魔鬼桥(Ponte del Diavolo in Torcello 07/08/2018)

(Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
Church of Santa Fosca in Torcello 07/08/2018)

(Cruise & Gondola over the Lagoon 07/08/2018)

叹息桥(Ponte dei Sospiri/Bridge of Sighs 07/08/2018)

(San Simeone Piccolo in Venice 07/08/2018)

晚餐于赤足餐厅(Dinner @ Ristorante Ai Scalzi 07/08/2018)

(Pizza Tuna & Onions @ Ristorante Ai Scalzi)

(Spaghetti alla Scarpara @ Ristorante Ai Scalzi)

(Spaghetti w Black Sepia @ Ristorante Ai Scalzi)

(Lunch: Chicken Cutlet, Wraps w/ Fish Filet & Ham @ Gran Caffè Chioggia)

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