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文章标题:宾州光华中文学校毕业典礼及颁奖仪式(Graduation & Award Ceremonies @ GHCS)发表日期:2018-06-10(2018-06-30修改)
作  者:儿歌(英)―红霞(译)出处:原创浏览636次,读者评论0条论坛回复0条
宾州光华中文学校毕业典礼及颁奖仪式(Graduation & Award Ceremonies @ GHCS)

        By now I have no idea why I’m writing things on this blog. Most of these posts are so petty and insignificant that I’m having a difficult time finding content to jot down on paper. This recent Sunday, I participated in yet ANOTHER graduation ceremony, my “final time” receiving an award on the podium and being a part of Guanghua Chinese School in PA. That’s what they said last year and is what they will say next year. Furthermore, more than half the school barely listens to the speaker’s words, and I doubt most kids understand the Chinese vocabulary. 

        However, the fact that I’m saying this demonstrates the profound effect of an annual event occurring over and over, perpetually ingrained in my years. While I’ve already graduated, this is still a nail in a treehouse. One day, today, someone removed that nail, and the treehouse loses a bit of its integrity (Perhaps that is a bit dramatic, but I am an English writing teacher, so dramatizing ideas is allowed). And yet the treehouse just stands, with a slight creak in one of the joints now lacking support. 

        Next year I’ll find a replacement, another event to cover Sundays, but it’ll feel different. Granted, this year already felt different in the addition of AP Chinese. Nevertheless, I still got a gold medal of the President Volunteer Service Award for my volunteer hours (100 hours as a teen at age between 12-16 years old), which is why I had to participate in the graduation ceremony. While I felt slightly left out when a few of my friends sat in the crowd and I stood on the edges because of my teacher status, it did occur to me that I was becoming more and more an adult. That definition, in my mind, equals not having to follow orders intended for children, which in this case is to sit and be quiet. 

        Life comes along later and delivers usually some large event that catastrophically changes something within. Today definitely was not that day, but the beginning to a chain of events that would occur which may cause large change. Final exams dawn on the horizon, and my last days of Pennbrook Middle School are dwindling. Both of which, like Chinese School graduation will contribute to a change within my heart, most likely for the worse. 

        It is said that each event in life builds something on your path, defining you as a person. So as I stand and watch fellow classmates graduate and give meaningless speeches in front of a crowd of distracted children, I can’t help envisioning the coming days, days filled with tension, suspense, and sadness. I stand watching others who probably will experience the same thing in their own time. I ask myself, whom I will be at the other end of this week? Will I come out to be the same student focused only on school and nothing else, or an adult who takes on more challenges?







(Graduation & Award Ceremony @ GHCS)

唱国歌(Singing the National Anthems)

宾州光华中文学校游校长(Principle Heng of GHCS)

(President Volunteer Service Award 06/10/2018)

“优秀学生奖”获得者("Excellence Award" Recipients)

校委会成员(School Management Team Members)

(Liwen, Master of Ceremonies @ L & Janiffer, AP Chinese Teacher @ R)

校委会成员(School Management Team Members)

(Last English Writing Class of 2017-2018)

庆典后(Post Ceremony)

奖杯及奖章(Trophies & Medals)

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