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文章标题:外婆八十一岁生日(Grandma’s 81st Birthday)发表日期:2018-03-07(2018-03-16修改)
作  者:儿歌(英)―红霞(译)出处:原创浏览864次,读者评论0条论坛回复0条
外婆八十一岁生日(Grandma’s 81st Birthday)

        It’s great when you can celebrate a birthday without having to go to school. Not that I’m skipping school, it’s just because there is a projected foot of snow. Furthermore, it’s not my birthday, but my grandmother’s. She’s turning 81 today, which isn’t something that occurs often.

       Looking out window while I’m writing this, it doesn’t appear like there’s going to be school today or tomorrow. After a peaceful morning of flurries, the snowfall really ramped it into high gear. Some flakes that fell near my window were large as quarters (that sounded really lame). Did I forget to mention that it’s March? Last time I recalled, March meant spring, and spring meant warm, blossoming weather, not blankets of frozen water. Nothing wrong with that though.

       A small side story regarding our school and snow days. This year, after having a few missed school days, the district decided to tax on days in June instead of eliminating our entire Spring Break. I’m thankful for that. However, their mindset was still set on ending the year early. So when it was projected for blizzard yesterday, the school waved off all warnings and let the bus drivers deal with the road conditions as usual. I don’t know how they made this decision. For one, if the school’s power went out, that should be a giant flashing red light. Also, if they couldn’t notice, there was about half of foot of snow on the ground. 

       The bus ride back took ages, involving detours and flashing police cars all over the place. The drama ended when I got back home, only to find that power went out the same day. In addition, two school busses were flipped over by the lack of traction on turns. But why am I saying all this? Well, the district is now super sensitive to snow days, and at the hint of snow will give a day off. Also, I’m surprised that none of the parents of the kids on the busses decided to sue the school. 

       So here I am, at home, writing this post, eating the BD cake while celebrating my grandmother’s 81st birthday. Looking outside, I see my neighbors’ kids jumping around in the snow. We just shoveled our driveway at noon, which turned out to be quite a waste of time since the snow storm continued to grow right after. A wasted thirty minutes of my life. 

       Can someone explain to me why snow is so poetic? It causes many pains in our lives, but songwriters continue shoving snow into bars. Perhaps it stands for the holidays, or the wintery months, or the fact that it’s one of purest colors on earth. Snow in March sounds poetic as well. But the most poetic of all, a birthday snowstorm in March.








金城酒家(Golden City Chinese Restaurant 03/04/2018)

草莓水果蛋糕(Strawberry Shortcake)

波士顿奶油蛋糕(Boston Cream Poke Cake)

林海雪原(Snowmageddon 03/07/2018)

前来服务的扫雪机(Snowplow @ Work 03/07/3018)

暴风雪(Blizzard 03/03/2018)

四色冷盘(4-Color Cold Platter)

海鲜豆腐煲(Seafood Bean Curd Pot)

海鲜雀巢(Bird Cage of Crab, Scallops & Squid)

雪蟹豆苗(Bean Sprouts w/ Snow Crab)

北京烤鸭(Peking Duck)

清蒸盲曹鱼(Steaming Silver Sea Perch)

葱姜爆龙虾(Stir Fried Lobster w/ Ginger & Scallions)

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