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文章标题:抖空竹过狗年(2018 Lunar New Year of Dog Celebrated w/ Chinese Yo-Yo)发表日期:2018-02-25(2018-03-05修改)
作  者:儿歌(英)―红霞(译)出处:原创浏览612次,读者评论0条论坛回复0条
抖空竹过狗年(2018 Lunar New Year of Dog Celebrated w/ Chinese Yo-Yo)

        Chinese New Year, what a wonderful time. We relax, eat delicious food, drink fantastic stuff, and sleep in. It’s the very biggest holiday of the year that everyone deserves a break and feels good to be out of school… wait, we’re in the US.

       For a country built on immigrants, it’s really ironic to see it pretty much grazed over the largest holiday of the largest population in the world. Only one of the few hypocritical attributes held by the US.

       Instead of giving an official holiday, the school system celebrates the Year of Dog with General Tso’s Chicken and green-brown rice. What is a bite of China? This puts even more stress on the Spring Festival annual gala. If this doesn’t go well, most of the local Chinese people will have New Year celebrations destroyed. Since only one public school in the suburb of Philadelphia takes the Lunar New Year off, I’m assuming other than a family dinner, this is as much celebration people would get. Granted, for performers, stage crew, staff, and organizers, Guanghua Chinese School Gala isn’t much of a ‘break’. Instead, it’s a busy five hours of scrambling around, getting mentally ready, and trying not to absolutely mess up your role in a large behind-the-scenes machine.

       A series of practices and two slices of pizza later, we performed Yo-Yo as the opener, which went “meh”. Not our best showing by a long shot, but it was bearable. After a few sighs of depression, a group of friends and I left for a far corner in the school to chillax and munch on pocky sticks. It was nice. Finally, a chunk of time where it’s just a simple chat with friends without any desperate project due the next day. Speaking of which, I have an essay due in two days. Better start typing. 

       Anyway, this brings quite an annoying topic to mind. What determines which holidays in the US are important? If the measurement is by ethnicity and each one’s population, then Chinese New Year should be a huge holiday. Looking at the current holidays outside of national historical moments (i.e. the 4th of July), there’s really isn’t a certain rubric that people follow. After some research, I discovered that all national holidays have to go through Congress, but that doesn’t really answer my question. Where does the incentive to make a certain day special arise from? It’s not like Congress says Chinese New Year isn’t a native holiday. If so, that’s extremely ironic and hypocritical of them, since America isn’t much more than a melting pot of different-tasting cheeses. 

       I totally understand that making a new holiday isn’t on the top of our government’s list, but there is more and more argument for making the Spring Festival a holiday. As a large ethnic group in the country, the Lunar New Year is celebrated by many people, not just Chinese. Yes, the festivity does last 15 days, but just having the first day off is good enough. I mean, if there’s a holiday for a groundhog, can’t you have a holiday for 3.7 million people in the country? Perhaps I’m being a bit prideful, and there are already enough holidays, but the truth is, I just want another day out of school.








登台前补妆(Final Touch Prior to the Gala)



都柏林高中礼堂(Auditorium of Upper Dublin High School)

抖空竹·红红热闹闹(Yo-Yo: Bustling Chinese New Year 02/25/2018)

舞蹈:锦鸡乐(Golden Pheasant Dance)

(Song & Dance: Happy Chinese New Year by G1A)

(Song & Dance: Happy New Spring by KGA)

表演艺术班·海鸥飞翔(Seagulls Flying by Performing Art)

学前B班·说唱:十二生肖(Rap: 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs by KGB)

光华舞蹈中班·笋儿尖尖(Spring Bamboo Shoots by Dance Troupe)

成人舞蹈高班·阿里郎(Arirang by Adult Dance Advanced Class)

幼儿班· 民谣:兔子舞(Ballad: Dancing Rabbits by Pre-K)

(20-Yr-Teaching Service Award Presented by
Jiayao Zhu from the Consulate General of NYC)

童声合唱·春晓(Spring Morning by Children Choir)

(Ballad: Counting Numbers in Chinese by CES1)

(Singing: Descendants of the Dragon by G2A)

中文二外九班·舞蹈:再见(Dance: See You Again by CES9)

(Choir: Swan Geese by Vocal Lesson Adults)

(Mushroom Picking Girls by Performing Arts)

(Choir: On Wings of Song by Vocal Lesson Kids)

(Skit: New Version of the Tiger and the Fox by G3A)

(Classical Dance: Flowers Blooming in the Rain by Performing Arts)

(Skit: Subdues White-Skeleton Demon by G5A)

(Dance: Swing Formation by GPCCC Ballroom Club)

(Instrument Ensemble: Jasmine Flowers by G9A/G9B)

交谊舞班·欢乐颂(Ode to Joy by Ballroom Dance)

(Sign Language Singing: Gratitude by G4A)

成人瑜伽班·玫瑰花香(Smells of Roses by Adult Yoga)

(Singing: Toast to Celebrate the Spring by G8B)

(Modern Classical Dance: The Butterfly Lovers by Adult Dance Class)

合唱:我的中国心(Choir: My Chinese Heart)

(Classical Dance: Humming in the Spring by Dance Troupe)

(Singing & Poem Recitation: Great China by G6A)

(Tango- Chacha Line Dance by Dance Troupe)

七年级A班·诗朗诵:沁园春雪(Poem Reading: Snow by G7A)

(Eighteen Essentials by Tai Chi Class)

(Tibetan Dance: Tashi Delek by Adult Dance Class)

(Tibetan Dance: Tashi Delek by Adult Dance Class)

结束曲·难忘今宵(Closing: Unforgettable Tonight)

(Partial Volunteers for Chinese New Year Gala Hosted by GHCS)

舞蹈演员(Adult Dancers)


游戏晚会(Post-Gala Gaming)

游戏晚会(Post-Gala Gaming)

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