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文章标题:2015年纽约卡内基音乐厅(2015 Carnegie Hall in NYC)发表日期:2015-06-07(2015-06-13修改)
作  者:儿歌(英)—红霞(译)出处:原创浏览1018次,读者评论0条论坛回复0条
2015年纽约卡内基音乐厅(2015 Carnegie Hall in NYC)

      It’s not every day that a kid can go to Carnegie Hall and perform in NYC, but a lucky few like me are able to go. It is an amazing experience, and the very history of it is the evidence. 

      Standing at West 57th St. on 7th Ave., Carnegie Hall is a name known worldwide. Presenting an average of 250 performances in a year, this place has world class artists show their talent. Now that last sentence had two things that weren’t true to me. I’m not a world class artist and I don’t have skills. Considering people like me were allowed to play the piano, the audition wouldn’t be the main hall. We got Weill Recital Hall, a tiny branching area that contained about 100 seats. This performance was the Golden Key Recital, and I’ve been here 3 years in a row. So my emotions were as cool as ice. The performers were usually led to a waiting room, and then put in order. And the room looked anything but grand. I guess these people spent their entire budget on the stage and didn’t care about the backstage. 

      I played Sonata in G Major Op. 49, No. 2: Allegro ma non troppo by L. van Beethoven. The music was supposed to sound like a child’s composition, sweet and light, no accents. Scales ran up and down, giving my arm a real workout. Scale after scale I played, and guess what? I played even more scales. The child had forced me to play with jolly sensation, but “jolly” was to one emotion I wasn’t feeling.

      Unlike my feelings, the performance didn’t come out as smoothly as I played. It’s not just because of me, but also because of the piano. The variation on it was huge! Try playing a quiet note, and nothing came out. Try playing it a tiny bit harder, and the sound was kicked up so much. It seemed as if someone put a microphone up to it. Nearly everyone winced at their first note. During my song throughout many sections, I messed up a little. But I, coming through an acting camp, kept a straight face through the entire piece. No one could tell my thoughts, so I could’ve been winning the lottery for all they know. Even those who were listening in the waiting room said that I went flawless. To me, I felt as if I were wining it. I swung my arms to the beat, slightly bobbed my head, lifted my arms on rests, and came down smoothly like a sheet of ice. What was really funny was how different skills helped each other. And that’s what I called a poker face.

      Coming here the 3rd time earned me a trophy. Considering how much time I spent, I deserved it. The song proved annoying at times, and my teacher’s pursuit to perfection was relentless. The hard work always makes the thing taste sweeter. 







(On Stage of Weill Recital Hall 06/07/2015)

(Golden Key Music Festival in Weill Recital Hall 06/07/2015)

(Sonata in G Major Op. 49, No. 2:
Allegro ma non troppo by L. van Beethoven 06/07/2015)

(Bow @ Weill Recital Hall 06/07/2015)

(Award Ceremony of Golden Key Music Festival 06/07/2015)

(Partial Award-Winning Kids of Golden Key Music Festival 06/07/2015)

(Post-Performance @ Golden Key Music Festival 06/07/2015)

(Russian Tea Room w/ Connie & Tiffany 06/07/2015)

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