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文章标题:“向维也纳致敬”(Salute to Vienna @ Kimmel Ctr, PA)发表日期:2014-12-28(2015-01-16修改)
作  者:儿歌(英)—红霞(译)出处:原创浏览1842次,读者评论0条论坛回复0条
“向维也纳致敬”(Salute to Vienna @ Kimmel Ctr, PA)

      Vienna is a capital city of Austria, which is famous for its lavish music concert. “Salute to Vienna"brings the joyful waltzes to the New Year and becomes so popular that it has affected people all around the globe. This performance is being done everywhere during the holiday season as a gala goes on like it was back to 1899 in Vienna. Today, Salute to Vienna is taking place on its grand stage at the Verizon Hall of the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia. Mom and I are determined to see it.  

      Salute to Vienna is usually cheerful and happy with the music of “Waltz King” Johann Strauss Jr. as ballet dancers glide across the stage to the sounds of “The Blue Danube”. We were on the Tier 2 floor and the air was buzzing. The spirit of the holiday season was here and it gave me a big first impression. As we got situated, the lights dimmed and on came the Philly Pops Orchestra. When the shiny trombones led the sleek clarinets and the glamorous violins, the cellists slowly took their seats on the other side. More and more instruments entered the stage. Finally, the conductor, András Deák who dressed in a black suit walked onto his podium with his baton and the audience hushed. Without any waiting, the orchestra lunched into a quick and fast piece, Overture to Countess Maritza by Emmerich Kálmán, to open up the concert. It featured loudness and softness, forte and piano. The dynamics increased and decreased the tempo like a wave crushing against the shore. It stunned the audience with a dazzling performance. 

      Followed by “Heia in Den Bergen” from Gypsy Princess by by Emmerich Kálmán, a soprano, Sera Gösche, sang it well especially with her beautiful staccato. It sounded like a blue jay’s chirps.

      Then the ballet dancers articulated their classical walk in the Pointe shoes. As the next song began it was all too obvious for a Johann Strauss’ Waltz. They moved with a three-beat rhythm and executed some spins and twirls as Kiss Waltz played. The waltz comprised melodies and the orchestra picked up the pace. Around and around they went gracefully until the song stopped. 

      Soon came on a tenor, Michael Heim who reminded me about Andrea Bocelli’s vocal. He could really change movement quickly, which always sounded a good quality for all musicians. 

      Just like this, the performers rotated singing, dancing, dancing, singing, and all the way to the end. Mom asked me to listen to the last piece for its tradition. It was called Radetzky March by Johann Strauss. The song initiated with a fast, enthusiastic, and upbeat tone. The conductor then began clapping to the best motioning for the audience to do so, too.  We clapped along with him. At the end, he faked a clap, which threw the audience off beat and we laughed loudly. 

      Salute to Vienna was absolutely a cool year-end show. It started off awesome and ended on a perfect note, musically and literally.









“向维也纳致敬”(Salute to Vienna 12/28/2014)

(Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts of Philadelphia)

(The Kimmel Ctr for the Performing Arts 11/25/2006)

(Beloved Statue of Kimmel Ctr for the Performing Arts 12/17/2006)

(Tai Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Philadelphia 12/28/2014)

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