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文章标题:出游墨西哥──图卢姆玛雅遗址(Tulum Mayan Ruins, Mexico)发表日期:2014-11-04(2014-11-16修改)
作  者:儿歌(英)—红霞(译)出处:原创浏览8306次,读者评论0条论坛回复0条
出游墨西哥──图卢姆玛雅遗址(Tulum Mayan Ruins, Mexico)

    To understand a culture, you must understand people's way of life. How do people survive from day to day? That is certainly the question for the residents who used to live in Tulum. Why? Because the nearest freshwater is 5 miles/8 km away. Geographically, Tulum is sandwiched between a swamp and the Caribbean Sea. Both have water but aren't drinkable. To find clean and fresh water, one must travel 5 miles on foot through the swamp land. The limestone underground has purified the rivers that flow. If that wasn't hard enough, the houses were mad out of stones and trees. The problem is that Tulum is flat, lacking enough natural resources to build a whole city. That might have been the explanation why Tulum was abandoned like many other Mayan villages and cities. 

    The only thing different, or I should say, unique about Tulum compared to the other Mayan ruins are the walls. Tulum wasn't as big as the cities would be. It was a trading post because of its location next to the beach. There was a coral cliff farther out into the Caribbean Sea. It naturally effectively shielded them from the pounding waves and became an ideal place for canoes. The town also had walls that surrounded it, which held to its name. Tulum means "surrounded by walls" in Spanish. The walls provided protection from invaders with small doors that forced people to enter in a single file. It was the perfect defense.

    Wherever I go, I find the ocean is magnet. It sucks every person in the area towards it. Today was no different. People flocked the beach, forgetting every bit of information they learned during the tour. But not me, I remembered it and also had fun. However, I didn't prepare to go swimming in Caribbean Sea. So Mom and I came to the beach just for pictures. The scenery looked stunning. The sand appeared as white as paper and glittered like diamonds. The blue ocean had a faint tinge of green, which increased its amazingness. I wondered whether this would be like heaven. If so, I wouldn't be very surprised. Mom dragged me around, taking pictures from crazy angles, obviously trying to capture every moment with her trusty and slightly annoying camera. But I think the best way to remember this scene wouldn't be with the camera, but in my head for the rest of my years. 





(Breakfast Room Service by the Beloved Hotel of Playa Mujeres
Cancun 11/04/2014)

(House of the Halach Uinic or Overlord, Tulum Mayan Ruins)

(El Castillo or The Castle of Tulum Mayan Ruins 11/04/2014)

(House of Columns or Grand Palace of Tulum Mayan Ruins 11/04/2014)

(Temple of the Frescoes of Tulum Mayan Ruins)

图卢姆玛雅遗址(Tulum Mayan Ruins)

(Tulum Mayan Ruins over Caribbean Sea 11/04/2014)

(Castle & House of the Wind, Tulum Mayan Ruins)

加勒比海(Caribbean Sea)

(A Small Gate Designed for One Person, Tulum Mayan Ruins 11/04/2014)

(Thatched Shelters on Playa Mujeres near the Beloved Hotel, Cancun)

(Isla Grill Restaurant, the Beloved Hotel of Playa Mujeres
Cancun 11/04/2014)

(Read Menu @ the Beloved Hotel of Playa Mujeres, Cancun 11/04/2014)

(Lupita Mexican Restaurant @ the Beloved Hotel of Playa Mujeres
Cancun 11/04/2014)




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